Amiga O/S 3.5 Install Guide. by: The World of Merlancia Inc.
The Online Install Guide for Amiga O/S 3.5
(C) 2000 The World of Merlancia Inc.

As many people have had trouble installing O/S 3.5 properly, we thought it best to provide an online install guide. The information on this page is believed to be accurate, although neither Merlancia Industries nor any of it's partners, subsidiaries, or affiliates will be held liable for any damages caused as either a direct or indirect usage of this guide. For general information of Amiga O/S 3.5 click  here  or visit .

NOTE: ROM installations should only be done by an experienced technician! Bring your Amiga to the nearest Amiga repair /upgrade facility if you are in any way doubtful of your ability to follow this procedure.

If you already have the O/S 3.1 ROMs installed, skip to PART II.

As Amiga O/S requires the 3.1 ROMset (Kick 40.60, 40.63, 40.68, and 40.70 versions), we will first outline the ROM procedure.
Amiga ROMs are packages as DIP style ICs. The Amiga 500, 500+, 600, 2000(HD), 2500, CDTV, 1500, 2000+, and 1500+ use one 16 Bit wide rom, while the A3000(T), 1200, 4000(T), and CD-32 use 2 ROMs for a 32 Bit wide ROMs. We will assume that your Amiga is already disassembled. 

Required tools:
DIP/IC Extractor
Small screwdriver (for some A2000s)
A good night's sleep.
(Prozac if necessary)

Touch the casing of the Amiga Power supply-or wear a static strap.
Using the DIP/IC extractor, remove the Amiga ROM(s). The Amiga ROM(s) should be plainly marked. Make sure to note their orientation. (Orientation should be judged by the small dimple in one side of the chip, NOT BY THE TEXT ON THE CHIP!)
Place the old ROM(s) in a safe place and away from static discharge.
(A2000 ONLY): Using a small screwdriver, bend back the pins of the ROM(s) as prescribed by the ROM sheet provided with them. Only some A2000s need this step.
Insert the new ROM(s) in the same orientation as the old ones. 
Give it a test run. If you get a (purple) Kick screen with a version number starting with 40.xx, then the installation went O.K. If you did not get this screen, or you got a different screen, then check the orientation and seating of the ROM(s).  If you cannot get the ROM(s) to work, bring your Amiga to the nearest Amiga repair/upgrade facility as soon as possible!

PART II: Software Installation.
The Software installation is a four part process. Be sure to install O/S 3.5 in a drive with NO System software presence first! (i.e. Your "Work" partition.)
Your Amiga must be equipped with a CD-ROM drive, the O/S 3.1 ROM(s) (Kick 40.xx) and it must have an 020 or higher to install (or for that matter run) O/S 3.5.
The partition you install to should not have any version of AmigaDOS on it. Many problems have been encountered by people who try ti install Amiga O/S 3.5 on their Workbench partition. Either install in another partition, or onto another drive (ZIp JAZ, HDD, etc.). Also make sure that the partition or drive that you are installing to is bootable. You should check the "bootable" flag in HDToolbox if the drive is not bootable. Don't forget to click "Save Changes to Disk". You may also set the boot priority to "1".

After selecting the drive (and making sure it is bootable) follow these four easy steps:

1) On the O/S 3.5 CD, locate the OS3.1 Drawer. Double click on the installer program. Install O/S 3.1 from the CD to the drive on which you wish to boot.
2) After installing the O/S 3.1 from the CD, go to the main directory of the CD and double click on the O/S 3.5 drawer. Execute the installer. Click on O/S 3.5 Pre-Install. You will be presented with some dialog boxes in which you will select what drive O/S 3.5 is to be installed. Select the drive on which you just installed O/S 3.1. When the Pre-Install finishes, you will be told that you need to reboot. Click proceed to reboot. (If your system hangs before rebooting, power down, wait about 10 seconds, and then power on again. When rebooting or powering up, be sure to hold down both mouse buttons. When the early startup screen appears, click on "Select boot device" and select the drive which you did the Pre-Install on.
3) The O/S (3.1 & 3.5) combination will now appear on screen. On the drive you booted from, go to the "storage" drawer. In the storage drawer, find CD0. Get Information (RightAmiga-I) and look for the term "unit number". Change the "Unit number" to the SCSI device number your CD-ROM is set to. Save the changes and then double click on the CD0 icon. The O/S 3.5 CD should now be onscreen. Open the O/S 3.5 CD and launch the O/S 3.5 installer again. This time, do the "Main Installation". The main installation will take between 5 and 35 minutes depending on drive speed and processor speed.

4) When the "Main Installation" completes, you will have to reboot the system. Make sure to hold down the mouse buttons again and boot from the O/S 3.5 installed drive. Choose "about" from the "Workbench" menu. The Workbench version should read "44.2". If it does not, then check to see if you missed any steps.
If it does, then you can proceed to install CybergraphX v3 form the CD (for graphics card users) or any other little bits like PowerPC support, or other items.

Congratulations: You have now installed O/S 3.5. Enjoy!

PART III: Addendum
If you are a DOpus 5.x/Magellan user, be sure to get the update that allows you to use DOpus with GlowIcons.
If you use ImageFX, and the backgrounds load funny, just rename the background files in the ImageFX drawer. They are plainly named as such.
If you use PFS, contact the PFS team for information on Amiga O/S 3.5 problems.
Do not use CybergraphX 2.x or lower. use only CybergraphX from the Amiga O/S 3.5 CD or CybergraphX 4.
If you encounter any problems with the O/S 3.5 install, or you encounter any software incompatibilities, click  here to send e-mail to the O/S 3.5 team at The World of Merlancia Inc. Thank you for reading this guide!

Last updated: March 16th 2000.
(c) 2000 The World of Merlancia Inc.