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Amiga Writer
Amiga Writer
A WYSISYG Desktop Publishing program from Haage&Partner that includes both M68k and PowerPC versions. Amiga Writer is an easy to use, yet powerful desktop publishing program for M68k and PowerPC Amigas that has features that you wouldn't expect for this price:
  • MSWord-Import
  • TrueType Font Engine
  • Font substitution
  • AmigaOS 3.5 Support
  • Printing of booklets, landscape printing, tiled printing
  • True color printing even without graphics board
  • Very fast black&white printing
  • Fast output on ECS/AGA
  • Improved image cache
  • M68k and PowerPC native versions
  • WYSIWYG footnotes
  • WYSISYG GUI environment
  • Modern style interface
  • Automatic saving 
  • Session saving
  • Import/export capabilities
  • automatic table of contents 
  • multilingual hyphenation algorithm 
  • Spellchecker with recommendations of alternatives 
  • Document templates 
  • Chapter management 
  • extensive DTP functionality 

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