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Merlancia Industries Amiga Online Orders
Amiga O/S 3.5
Amiga O/S 3.5

O/S 3.5 (44.2) has many features expected in a modern operating system and more!
Features include:

PowerPC Support

Preemptive Multitasking

Modern GUI:
 Reworked Workbench
 Enhanced Icon System
 New Prefs and Tools

Internet connectivity
 TCP/IP Stack
 WEB Browser
 E-mail client

Improved Filesystem
 Support for volumes >4GB
 New HD Toolbox

CD-ROM Support
 ISO-9660, Rockridge, Joilet, Macintosh HFS, Audio CD

...and more!


Directory Opus
Directory Opus 5.5 and Magellan II
DOpus 5.5 with the Magellan II enhancement is the most advanced Operating System for the Amiga that is completely compatible with AmigaDOS Programs. With it's Workbench mode, you'll never need to look at workbench again. And with true Pre-emptive multitasking and true multi-threading,  you'll never want to look back!

DOpus/Magellan II features include:

New Design: Opus 5 has been totally redesigned and rewritten from the ground up. it is not only faster and more efficient but has many new revolutionary features.

New Interface: More meaningful control and useful power. the 'Amiga Style guide' compliant interface communicates information more clearly, giving you simpler displays with greater control.

Unlimited Displays and Buttons: You can have an unlimited number of fully independent file display windows and button banks. Buttons can be defined as simple text buttons, or you can use your own graphic images.

Inbuilt Configuration Editors: The old configuration editor has now been eliminated. You can load, change, edit and save configuration features at any time, even while performing other tasks!

True Multitasking: Opus 5's internal multitasking gives you unheralded power to perform multiple operations at the same time - no more waiting while one job completes before you start another. Archive one directory whilst de-archiving into another, all while you are copying files into yet another directory, independently and reliably.


Amiga UNIX Compundiun v1.2
The Amiga Unix Compendium V1.2
Amiga Linux APUS (PowerPC), Amiga Linux M68k, and Amiga NetBSD M68k
Includes the latest version of AROS.

The Amiga Unix Compendium includes the first PowerPC version of Linux specifically for the Amiga! For those of you who have a PowerPC accelerator, this is the current O/S of choice. Not only can you run programs like Netscape and Wordperfect, you can boot UAE and run your classic Amiga programs too.
Included are programs to boot into Linux from the Workbench, install Linux, and view the documentation. 

The Amiga Unix Compendium comes on a three CD set and is available NOW!


Amiga Forever 4.0
Official Commercial Amiga Emulator for PC/Mac

We are pleased to announce the release of Amiga Forever 4.0. This new version includes version 3.1 of the Amiga ROM and OS files.
Additional preinstalled programs and features, like for example Personal Paint, TurboText, drag-and-drop LhA de-archiving and the ToolManager dock have been updated and unified between the CD-ROM and Online Edition (the 2.0 CD-ROM did not include some of the software that was on the 2.0 Online Edition). The CD-ROM version additionally includes an archive with a new, ready-to-run PowerMac version.  Also included are videos from the 1994 Deathbed Vigil and a speach by Jay Miner.


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