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ImageFX is the Amiga's top rated image editing and special effects package. Leading in sales worldwide, Amiga magazines have said ImageFX is 'the king of the hill' and told their readers that 'You need this program. Period.' 

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

System Requirements

Any model Amiga with at least 2MB of memory, a hard drive, and Workbench 2.1 or later. For best results, an accelerator, 8MB of memory, and a large hard drive are recommended. 

System Features

  • WYSIWYG - Interactive preview screen shows changes instantly.
  • File Format Conversion - Supports reading and writing dozens of file formats from many different platforms.
  • Image Processing - Hundreds of tools for enhancing, filtering,or restoring your images.
  • Region Controls - Limit processing to regions with definable softedges.
  • Full Color Painting - Traditional painting tools are available in full 24-bit color.
  • Image Rendering - Advanced rendering and dithering algorithms for generating colormapped images for multimedia applications.
  • Multiple Level Undo - Limited only by your available memory.
  • Virtual Memory - Use your hard drive to work on images of anysize, including film and print resolutions.
  • Batch Processing - Perform effects on animations and sequences of frames using AutoFX and IMP utilities.
  • Arexx - Hundreds of Arexx commands allow for sophisticated control scripts. Dozens of sample stand alone scripts included.
  • Configurability - Define hot keys to perform frequent tasks, or change the menus to suit your work environment.
  • Modular Design - Open-ended architecture allows for future expansion by Nova Design or third party companies. Development information is available freely.
  • Morphing - CineMorph, a full motion, cinematic quality morphing package is included at no extra charge.
  • Documentation - In addition to the on-line help system, the manual contains over 400 pages of tutorials and reference.
  • Continuing Support - Nova Design continues to provide support and upgrades for ImageFX. 

Hardware Compatibility

  • Newtek Video Toaster - Supports the Video Toaster for frame grabbing, rendering, and previewing and painting -- directly on the Toaster's composite output!
  • Graphic Boards - Supports all Amiga modes, Video Toaster, Retina, Picasso, IV-24, OpalVision, DMI Resolver, Harlequin, Firecracker, DCTV, HAM-E, all EGS-compatible hardware such as the Spectrum, Talon and Rainbow III, and supports the new Cybergraphics retargetable graphics software.
  • Scanners - Sharp JX100 and ALL current Epson and Hewlett Packard scanner models via SCSI connections. Parallel option also available on Epson scanners.
  • Framegrabbers - IV-24, VLAB and VLAB YC framegrabber, Progressive Peripherals Framegrabber and Framegrabber 256.
  • Printers - Any Workbench Preferences compatible printer, PostScript printers, and direct full color support for the Fargo Primera and PrimeraPro color printers. 

Painting Features 

  • Real-time painting tools that emulate traditional media such as Airbrushes, Charcoals, Chalk, Oil and Fingerpaints, Felt Tip Markers, Watercolors and Crayons. 
  • Real-time airbrush with adjustable size and dispersal pattern. 
  • Many drawing modes such as Darken, Lighten, Blur, Colorize, Smudge, Roughen, Disperse, Sharpen, and others. 
  • Drawing styles to allow rub through to other images or alpha channels, create mandalas, realistic brush stroke fading, and more. 
  • Friskets, masks, and textures using regions and the alpha channel. 
  • Soft edge modes and anti-aliasing. 
  • Many gradient fill patterns. 
  • Eight customizable color palettes to choose from. 
  • Image Processing/Special Effects 
  • RGB, HSV, CMY color balancing 
  • Composites and mattes 
  • 2D image rotation 
  • 3D perspective rotation 
  • Image scaling and cropping 
  • Custom color transforms 
  • Halftoning effects 
  • Custom convolution matrix 
  • Sharpen, Blur, Unsharp Mask 
  • Motion blur 
  • Three edge detection algorithms 
  • Dynamic range and histogram equalization 
  • Anti-aliasing 
  • Median, minimum and maximum filters 
  • NTSC and PAL video filters 
  • Realistic lightning bolt generator
  • Map images onto spheres 
  • Pond ripples and waves 
  • Swirl images, even into other images 
  • Advanced lens flare generator 
  • Apply paper or canvas textures 
  • Water and glass distortion 
  • Image warps and lens effects 
  • PaintFXTM automatic painting generator 
  • Star and supernova generator 
  • Crystallization effects 
  • Circular blurring effects 
  • Standard or circular mosaic effects 
  • Straw-like distortions 
  • Fire Effects 
  • Cloud/Fog Generator 
  • Photoshop Filter Factory compatibility 
  • Random tiling effects 
  • RGB, CMY, CMYK color separation 

File Formats Supported

  • Amiga - ILBM, ANIM, ANIM7, DataTypes, DCTV, AXX, ToasterFrameStore, HAM-E, IMG8, Impulse, Workbench Icon, DPS PAR, Rendition, Sculpt, YUVN
  • Macintosh - Photoshop PSD, PICT (including vector and JPEG variations), TIFF, Targa, MacPaint
  • MS-DOS - Photoshop PSD, BMP, DPIIE, FLI animation, PIC, GRASP/GL animation, DLanimation, Windows Icons, PCX
  • Silicon Graphics - Alias, SGI RGB, Wavefront, Softimage
  • Micellaneous - PNG, Abekas A60, FITS, PDS/Vicar, JPEG, C64 Koala, PBM,QRT, X-Windows, MPEG 


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