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MMC Apocolyps ST- Not just your typical set top box, the Apocolyps ST (formerly code-name Seth) system is Merlancia Industries' twenty-first century Multimedia Internet Appliance with a stunning feature set in a state of the art Brushed Stainless Steel Small-box Case. The Apocolyps ST System will capture the attention of both novice and expert alike, with it's brilliant cutting edge design and futuristic case styling. Scheduled for a Q3/Q4 2001 release, the Apocolyps ST fills the Internet Appliance slot in the TORRO Multimedia line of computer systems. 

The Apocolyps ST has all the features you would expect to find on an desktop Multimedia system, in a form factor and price bracket that suites the home Internet or kiosk Internet user.. The Apocolyps ST is a prime system for the user that needs a powerful small footprint Internet box with lots of power and more PC type features. 

The case of the Apocolyps ST system is crafted out of industrial quality stainless steel, with a polished finish. The system will use the Motorola ColdFire series of processors. Operating system choices will include AmigaDE, BIA, LINUX, QNX and others. The Apocolyps ST has an array of connection and expansion ports, including industry standard ports such as USB, Audio, Video, Ethernet (RJ45-10bT/100bT), and a standard DB-15 Game port. 32MB of RAM is included with the system (expandable to 256MB) as well as a 10GB Hard Disc (UltraATA). The system will ship with a video card fitted to the on board AGP socket. A DVD Drive will also to be included so that the Apocolyps ST can also act as a Home Entertainment centre. 

System Series: Merlancia Multimedia Computer - Torro Series 

System Name: Apocolyps ST (Advanced Set Top Box)

Processor: Motorola PowerPC 8XXX Series: 

  • 8240/200 Single Porcessor
  • 8240/250 Single processor


  • Rugged case design, made out of high quality stainelss steel
  • Infrared touch sensitive keyboard with built in trackpad
  • Expandable and linkable

Memory/Media Specifications: 

  • 133 MHz SDRAM 
  • 1 SODIMM socket
  • 128MB RAM, Maximum RAM: 512MB 
  • 10GB Hard Disc

Expansion & Ports: 

  • Ethernet 100bT RJ45 connector
  • 2 USB Sockets
  • IDE/ATA100
  • DB15 Game port


  • Sound Chipset
  • TiVA Video Chipset 
  • Stereo sound, Composite (NTSC or PAL) video, and RGB video out.
Availability and Pricing:
  • Alpha Release in December 2001
  • Pilot Release in January/February 2002
  • Final Release in March/April 2002
  • Price targeted between $1999.95 and $2999.95 USD Retail.